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Heal Your Hormones Program

Whack periods, PMS, heavy periods, unexplained weight gain and mood swings are a thing of the past! 

Learn how to identify what exactly is happening with your hormones, with all the tips, tricks and tools to balance your hormones naturally. 

What To Expect 

Course Curriculum



Meet Your Hormones

Meet your hormonal system - learn about your female hormones & cycles.


Find Your Imbalance

Find out which of our hormones are imbalanced and why.


Test Don't Guess

At-home testing methods, traditional chinese medicine signs, traditional & naturopathic tests for hormones. 


You Are What You Eat

Learn what food to eat or avoid based on your hormone type - including which nutrients you need and why.


Herbs & Supplements

Find out which herbs & supplements best suit your hormone type and root cause.


Move & Groove 

Learn how to live in touch with your circadian rhythm. Including how to exercise for each phase of your cycle and how to get better sleep.


Stress Less

How to stress a little less. Learn how to reduce unavoidable stressors & help the body cope more effectively with stress.


De-tox Your Life

All things heavy metals, mold & chemical toxicity - including how to detox the body. 


Trust Your Gut

Reboot your gut. How to determine what your digestive symptoms mean + how to detox and restore gut health.



Putting it all together. Creating a care plan to take with you for the next three months. 

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