The Menstrual


Have you ever been told that painful periods, heavy bleeding or PMS are a completely normal part of being a woman? Maybe you’ve grown to accept that you will be completely out of sorts for one week of every month. 


But it doesn’t have to be this way! Your menstrual cycle matters. It matters because the average woman will spend 10 years, or roughly 3,500 days bleeding in her lifetime. And as women we are too powerful to be unempowered for 10 years of our life. 


So, improving your menstrual cycle is essentially improving the quality of your life. And it all starts with awareness. The menstrual manual is a 10-page e-book which will help shatter your beliefs & misconceptions about your menstrual cycle. This manual is designed to help you determine how healthy your menstrual cycles are.





Welcome! My name is Storm. I am a naturopath & herbalist who specializes in helping women heal their hormones.

Through my own journey with abnormal periods, hormone imbalance & PCOS, it is now my goal to help women rise above their menstrual symptoms and hormone imbalances.

I believe everyone deserves to be empowered in their body, understand their symptoms & know how to heal naturally and authentically.

If you are struggling with symptoms or just need guidance in your health journey, I would love to be apart of your support network.