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The Magic of Mushrooms: How to use Functional Mushrooms for Health & Wellness

Functional mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by cultures all around the world for health, healing and well-being. Mushrooms are unique medicines compromised of healing beta-glucans and polysaccharides which can repair the nervous system, reduce stress, boost immunity and even provide protection against cancer.

Each mushroom has a unique flare with different qualities that suit different people! In this blog post you'll find out which mushroom is best suited for you.

Lions Mane Mushroom

Think of Lion's Mane as brain food! Lion's main helps the brain to switch on - while acting as a full clean up crew for the nervous system. A great companion for study and exams.


  • Anti-aging effect on the brain

  • Cognition

  • Focus

  • Memory

  • Eliminating Brain Fog

  • Nervous System Repair

  • Mental Clarity

Product Recommendation: Mother Made Lions Mane. 2 capsules per day with breakfast for clarity.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi has been described in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the mushroom of longevity and wisdom. It's known for it's ability to support the nervous system and bring a meditative and wise calm.


  • Anti-Cancer & Support during Chemotherapy

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Boosts & Regulates Immune System - which benefits those with overactive or low immunity

  • Liver Function - has a similar effect to Milk Thistle

  • Calms & Settles Nervous System

  • Promotes Relaxation & Sleep

  • Supports Meditation

Product Recommendation: Mother Made Reishi. 2 capsules per day with dinner

Get yours Here

Cordyceps Mushroom

Your sweet little energy boost! This natural energy booster is here to help perk you up in the morning, train harder in the gym, and even balance your libido. A fantastic alternative to coffee, prework and caffeine.


  • Athletic performance

  • Energy Boosting

  • Libido

  • Stamina

  • Endurance

  • Vitality

  • Boosting lung capacity

  • Increasing blood oxygen

Product Recommendation: Mother Made Cordyceps, 2 capsules in the morning, during your afternoon slump or before a workout for extra energy.

Get yours here

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey tail is a fantastic all-rounder best known for it's actions on the immune system, gut and liver.


  • Anti-fungal

  • Gut Health

  • Immune boosting - fights against colds & flu

  • Removes toxins from the body

  • Liver Support

  • Support during chemotherapy

  • Anti-Anxiety

Product Recommendation: Mother Made PM. A mix of Turkey Tail, Reishi & Shiitake for full-spectrum immune support.

Get yours here

Quality is important!

Due the popularity of mushroom supplements in recent years there has been an increase in the number of suppliers selling mushroom powders. But not all mushroom powders are created equal.

To save on cost many companiesadd fillers or mycellium to their blends which have no medicinal benefit!

If you're wanting the best effect from your mushroom blend, I recommend only buying mushroom powders that are 100% mushroom biomass - nothing else!

MotherMade Mushrooms

Mothermade Mushrooms was founded by Jessica and Emily, high school friends from Palmerston North Girls High School. Passionate about health and wellness their time in isolation gave them time reflect on what was really important for wellness and the environment - as a result Mothermade Mushrooms was born. Their mushroom powders are potent, 100% organic, include no fillers or additives and are most importantly, 100% natural.

We are so lucky to have Mothermade Mushrooms donate their mushroom supplements as a gift for all guests at our upcoming wellness retreat.

About the Author

Storm is Naturopath & Medical Herbalist for Functional Naturopathy

After struggling with her own health journey Storm is a compassionate ear & advocate for those struggling with physical and mental health concerns.

She offers private consultations, group workshops, cacao ceremonies & wellness retreats to help others find their own version of health through natural therapies.

You can connect with her more here

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