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Do you Have a Hormone Imbalance? Take the Quiz!

Do you ever wonder why you feel like a crazy, bloated mess for one week each month?

Are you familiar with chocolate fulled binges, PMS meltdowns, unexplained weight gain, breast pain, cramps and menstrual problems?

Are you wondering whether these symptoms are normal? Whether all women experience this? Or if you will always experience these symptoms?

The short answer: No.

As women we are often left in the dark when it comes to our hormone health, unsure of the tell-tale signs that something is off balance.

So, in this blog post you will learn the importance of your hormones and the common symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Hormone imbalances explained

Hormones are more than just the baby-making, period-causing chemicals we are familiar with. Your hormones influence your emotions, how you experience life, your energy and how your body functions. And this isn't just around your period or during pregnancy, your hormones influence your body and mind every single day.

Since hormones play a fundamental role in our life, it is important that they are in balance. Our hormones run on a delicate scale. Any slight deviation higher or lower can cause a hormone imbalance in the body. Since our hormones work together, when one hormone becomes imbalanced it can effect the other hormones in your body too.

Meet Your Hormones

Progesterone: Progesterone is essential for fertility, healthy periods, energy, maintaining pregnancy, preventing PMS, stable mood & emotions, preventing anxiety, reducing inflammation, healthy skin & hair, lightening periods, preventing autoimmunity and supporting sleep.

Estrogen: The estrogen hormone develops our eggs, stimulates ovulation, promotes sexual development, improves bone strength, enhances heart health, prevents depression and supports pregnancy.

Testosterone: You are probably familiar with testosterone being the male sex hormone. However, testosterone is also beneficial for women. Testosterone helps women with muscle mass, endurance, stamina, libido and energy.

Take the Quiz

Now you know a little bit more about your hormones, you are probably wondering "how can I tell if my hormones are imbalanced?"

Start by taking the quiz!

Score points for every time you answered “yes,” and then check out how you scored using the scale below:

1 to 5 – You may have a mild sex hormone imbalance.

5 to 10– You may have a moderate sex hormone imbalance.

10 or more – You may have a severe sex hormone imbalance.

Add 3 points for more potent signs of hormone imbalance

1. I have premenstrual syndrome - anxiety, irritability, moodiness, low energy & other unpleasant symptoms 1-14 days before my menstrual cycle (3 points)

2. I have irregular, missed or scanty periods.(add 3 points)

3. I bleed for less than 2 days, or longer than 7 (2 points)

4. I have painful menstrual cramping (2 points)

5. I am infertile, or have difficulty conceiving (4 points)

6. I experience breast swelling or tenderness (2 points)

7. I have facial hair (3 points)

8. I have balding or thinning hair (2 points)

9. I have difficulty loosing weight or experience unexplained weight gain (2 points).

10. I have unexplained mood swings, anxiety or depression (2 points)

11. I have heavy or excessive menstrual bleeding (2 points)

12. I have fibroids or endometriosis (4 points)

13. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (4 points)

14. I have low libido/sex drive (2 points)

15. I experience hot flushes or night sweats (3 points)

16. I have dry skin, hair or vagina (2 points)

17. I have difficulty sleeping or staying asleep (2 points)

18. I have acne on my chin or jawline (2 points)

19. I get regular headaches (2 points)

20. I have a thyroid imbalance (3 points)

21. I have excessive sweating (2 points)

22. I experience fatigue & low energy (2 points)

23. I have difficulty concentrating or have brain fog (2 points)

24. I have sugar or food cravings (2 points)

25. I experience weight fluctuations (2 points)

Now that you have determined the severity of your imbalance, let’s talk about the one thing you can do to begin brining your body back to balance.

Your Next Steps

Find the Root Cause

Don’t accept your PMS or menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, low moods or weight gain as a normal state to live in. Here at Functional Naturopathy I realize each women and their body is different. My goal is to investigate your individual hormone imbalances and the unique reasons why you are out of alignment. A part of this process means analyzing your sleep, digestion, diet, lifestyle, stress and other factors which might be impacting your hormones to allow me to crate an individualized care plan just for you.

Ready to start your hormone journey? Let's get started.

Book your free 15 minute discovery call or initial consultation HERE

Test Don't Guess

This is important. You wouldn't give someone blood pressure medication without checking their blood pressure first. So, it's important to check your hormones before you start altering your hormone levels.

What is the best way to test hormones?

The common blood serum test is not the most accurate test for checking your hormones. Although it can test your total levels of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone it doesn't check their metabolites or how they are detoxified. Without this information you are unable to get the full picture of your hormones.

For example - You may have symptoms of excess estrogen but your blood test results comes back normal. When we do more comprehensive hormone testing we find that you are producing too much E3 (your more potent estrogen). So although you have normal levels of estrogen, we need to balance your E3 so it's not creating symptoms

The most comprehensive testing available is a dried urine comprehensive test (DUTCH)

This advanced hormone testing was developed to improve on available hormone testing options. DUTCH offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones along with their metabolites. This unique combination of clinical information is not available by any other method.

Get in contact to book your DUTCH test.

Hey, my name is Storm! My passion & purpose in life is to help women understand their amazing bodies and show them how they can care for their individual needs, helping them feel happy, confident, healthy and balanced.

Storm Sturm

Qualified Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

142 The Square

Palmerston North