5 Hormone Balancing Super-Foods

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

"Heal your Hormones, Heal your Life" - seriously! Your hormones are more than the baby-making, menstrual bleeding, sex-crazy chemicals we all know. Your hormones are vital to life, impacting every single cell and organ in your body. Your hormones are so powerful they influence everything from how we store fat, the function of our brain and heart, to how we think and feel everyday.

Sound's pretty important right?

So, if you've been feeling a bit 'off' lately or want to maximize your hormone health this post is for you. It's time to get to know these five super-foods to improve your hormone balance & overall well-being.

Let's go!


Maca Root

Introducing maca root; a Peruvian vegetable well known for it's ability to increase fertility, libidio, endurance and stamina.

Maca has 'adaptogenic' properties, meaning it helps the body adjust to it's natural hormone levels according to age and gender. So, whether you are menstruating or menopausal, PMS or hot flushes, male or female, maca root can work for you. You can find maca in it's powdered form in most health food stores.

Studies show that Maca root can:

  • Increase Libido

  • Boost Male Fertility, Semen Quality & Sperm Count

  • Relieve Menopausal Symptoms, Hot Flushes, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Vaginal Dryness

  • Improve Mood & Reduce Anxiety

  • Increase Energy, Endurance, Cognition & Memory

Camu Camu

Camu Camu is an Amazonian superfood berry known for it's high concentrations of vitamin C. It's commonly sold slow dried and milled in a powdered form providing 220% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in just 1/4 of a teaspoon.

Since the adrenal gland contains one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in the body, Camu Camu is a perfect super-food for anyone who is exhausted & depleted, suffers from chronic stress, insomnia, worry, anxiety, fatigue and exhaustion.

Raw Cacao

Who said you have to give up chocolate to balance your hormones? If you are a chocolate lover like me but still want to make the correct choices for your body - it's time to add some cacao into your diet. I will admit, it's more of a dark chocolate flavor then the smooth dairy milk chocolate you are used to. But I promise it will help curb that chocolate fix, with the added benefit of helping to balance your hormones too.

So what is the fuss?

Raw cacao powder is one of the highest sources of magnesium - making it excellent for menstrual cramps and premenstrual tension.

It also contains mood boosting properties:

  • Stimulating our feel-good Serotonin and our Happy Hormone Anandamine.

  • Rich in Antioxidants to reduce Anxiety & Depression

  • Contains Phenylethylalanine which produces the euphoric feeling of "falling in love"

  • Boosts Libido

Brazil Nuts

Believe it or not, only three brazil nuts per day can provide you with your 200mcg recommended daily intake of selenium.

Selenium plays a key role in our thyroid hormone production by protecting our thyroid cells from oxidative stress, reducing thyroid antibodies and converting inactive T4 into active T3 (so our thyroid hormones can do their job).


Flaxseed is an estrogenic adaptogen. This means whether you are menstruating, menopausal, estrogen deficient or estrogen dominant, you can get benefit from consuming flaxseed.

For my menstruating gals, consuming flaxseed in the first part of your cycle can help promote healthy levels of estrogen for ovulation. If you are estrogen dominant flaxseed can help bind to estrogen and escort it safely out through the stool. Aromatase activity is also decreased to prevent testosterone from turning estrogen in fat and breast cells.

If you are going through menopause, flaxseed can also help! Flaxseed reduces inflammation, improves vaginal dryness and decreased hot flushes.

Meet the Naturopath

Storm is a Naturopath & Medical herbalist who focuses on women's health and wellness.

After her own battle with PCOS & digestive issues she is passionate about helping women find their root cause, balance their hormones and feel at home in their bodies. She provides support both online, and in-person from her clinic in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

If you are interested in following her work, or finding out more about balancing your hormones jump over to the Functional Naturopathy Facebook page or send her a message here.

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