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Earth Medicine Mystery School

Transformation with Herbal Medicine


The Plant Path

Have you ever been interested in a herb only to find that the books & online resources lack the depth to truly understand the herb you are working with ? 

Are you craving a deeper connection and understanding of herbs?  


Then you’re in the right place! 


The Earth Medicine Mystery School is about creating a deep & profound understanding & relationship with the herbs around us.


This is about turning herbal knowledge into wisdom by ditching the books & getting hands-on with herbs.

In the mystery school  you will learn the full body essence of individual herbs - including their physical, mental, emotional, astrological, energetic & constitutional significance.

Yet, you will also practically apply and integrate this knowledge through plant connection exercises, herbal medicine making/crafting, ceremonies, foraging and other tools.


This membership is for those ready to start or deepen their plant journey &  learn how to truly transform their life and others with the magic of herbs & plant medicine.

Earth Medicine Membership

The membership covers everything you need to start your herbalism journey. Including:


Herbalism Knowledge

Learn herbalism & build your materia medica knowledge by diving deep into a new herb each month.  

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Plant Ceremony & Magik

Connect with herbs & nature to receive their wisdom and insights. Learn how to use herbs for ritual and ceremony.

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Herbal Medicine Making

How to craft your own herbal remedies, skin & body care products and crafts to build your own apothecary.


Astrological Herbalism

Uncover the astrological significance of herbal medicine & their benefits for the star signs. 


Culinary Herbalism

Using medicinal herbs in culinary recipes. Including; smoothies, bliss balls, desserts, ferments etc.

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Group Connection

Exclusive access to an online membership site & facebook group to engage, ask questions, meet like minded pals & join live videos.


Each month we immerse with a specific medicinal plant. You will walk away at the end of the month with a profound understanding & deep connection with this plant. Alongside, a wealth of herbalism skills and knowledge as you walk the plant path. 

Each Month Receive:


Monthly Payments. Cancel Anytime. 

There is a membership option for everyone!

Choose between a standard online membership or take your herbal medicine deeper with a monthly in-person herbal medicine immersion. 


Join the Mystery School Facebook Group

After sign-up all members are invited o join the private Earth Medicine Mystery School Facebook Group.

Here you are given access to the monthly modules, community, events, live videos, zoom meetings& extra support.

Hey, I'm Storm

I'm your qualified Naturopath, Herbalist & Cacao Facilitator. 
For the past six years I've been completely immersed in the world of natural health & herbalism. I often joke that it feels like I am married to the plants I work with. It's that level of commitment and love that I have for plants & their medicine.
In clinic, I've been blessed to work with hundreds of patients and see their lives transform with the power of plants. Yet, there is so much depth to herbalism that goes on behind the scenes of clinic life.  It's become increasingly clear that it's now time to bridge the gap between the two. The mystery school membership is about bringing together modern & grass roots herbalism so you can discover the full body, soul & spirit healing that comes from herbalism. My biggest wish is that each of you become empowered in your rediscovery of nature and to learn how to embody the language and practice of herbalism.  From this place, we can change our own lives, the lives of others and the world around us. 

Let's Connect

The Herb Farm

86 Grove Road, Ashust 


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