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Ceremonial Cacao

Food for the Soul 

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Ceremonial Cacao

A cacao ceremony gives us space to switch off from the external noise and reconnect with ourselves and nature. The spirit of cacao takes you on an inward journey of meditation, contemplation, heart opening & self healing.   Ceremonies may be assisted with sound healing, breathwork, instruments, meditation, yoga, movement, mantra, bush walking, creative projects and nature connection.

Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao


At-Home Cacao Ceremony

If you've worked with cacao before you may benefit from an at-home practice. Drinking cacao in your own sacred space is a beautiful way to connect with the spirit of cacao & receive the amazing benefits of this medicine.

How to:

  • Set up a sacred space, dedicate 30-90 minutes for the experience

  • Set an intention

  • Measure a dosage of 20 grams (starter dose) or 30 grams  (meditation dosage)

  • Reflect on your intention as you finely chop your cacao

  • Warm 1C of plant based milk. Add your cacao - whisk or blend.

  • Serve in your favorite mug. Give thanks to cacao, the earth & everything you're grateful for in the moment. Offer the first sip of cacao to the earth.

  • Sip your cacao mindfully. Sit with your cacao for at least 30 minutes. 

  • Close the space by giving thanks.

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