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Functional Naturopathy is a Naturopathic & Medical Herbalist Clinic based in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a safe & effective form of natural medicine. The focus of naturopathy is not just on symptoms alone. Naturopath's consider all systems of the body to find the root cause for an illness or symptom.  In doing so, Naturopathy considers the whole person - including the mind, body and emotions, to help bring a person back to health & wellness. 

Naturopath's utilize diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, detox and other natural therapies in their practice. 

The Functional Naturopathy Clinic

What makes Functional Naturopathy different is that we offer patient centered care. There is an understanding that when you come into the clinic you are more than just a client, illness or collection of symptoms. Instead, you are respected as a whole person, with unique needs, and desires. These are all honored so you can feel supported, heard and understood. 

We offer you complete confidentiality & expert naturopathic advice. Each person is given a tailor-made report & care plan, complimentary email and phone support. 

On-going practitioner education & focus on science based research/testing ensure you are getting credible and reliable health information and care. 

Herbs and Plants

Special                      Testing 

In some cases, special testing is recommended to help you find the root cause for your health concerns.
There are over 90 comprehensive  testing options offered at Functional Naturopathy. 
Below, you can find descriptions of some of the most common tests available here. 


Hormone Testing

Dried Urine testing is the most extensive testing available for your hormones. Testing your sex & adrenal hormones you can be confident to find answers for all your hormonal symptoms. Test samples are sent to Australia & USA.


Stool Analysis 

There is a lot that your poo can say about you! A stool analysis can help detect parasities, good & bad bacteria, metabolism, inflammation, immunity & so much more! 


Heavy Metal & Mineral

Toxicity & mineral deficiencies can be a culprit for chronic health issues. This hair analysis test can detect presence of heavy metals and minerals, as well as important mineral ratio's that determine other factors such as adrenal & thyroid health.  


Thyroid Profile

When assessing thyroid function it's important to get an extensive thyroid profile, rather than just your TSH. Thyroid tests include iodine, TSH, T3, T4, RT3 & antibodies. 


Food Sensitivity

If you are experiencing digestive, mood or skin symptoms, it is time to rule out food sensitivities. This simple hair test provides information about food & environmental sensitvities, alongside common gut pathogens like candida and h.pylori. 


Organic Acid

The organic acid urine test is a great all round test, checking for bacterial, yeast & fungal infection,  neurotransmitters (feel-good hormones), toxicity, inflammation, metabolism, fat, protein & carb metabolism & liver function. 





Your Naturopath & Herbalist

Hey everyone, my name is Storm. I am your naturopath & medical herbalist for Functional Naturopathy. 

Natural medicine is a place which is close to my heart. 

Like many of my clients, I didn't know health until I tried natural health. 

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I spent time in and out of hospital and the doctor's office with chronic digestive issues. An experience that made me feel as if I never knew what it was like to feel well.

As I got older I struggled with acne, polycstic ovarian syndrome, irritable bowel, anxiety, depression, candida, parasites and food sensitivities.


After many years of feeling frustrated and confused with my symptoms, unable to get the answers from the medical profession I decided to turn to natural health. This journey has led me to healing my own body with natural therapies and to eventually training with the Naturopathic College of New Zealand to complete my 3 year Diploma in Naturopathy.

I now am passionate about helping others who feel alone or overwhelmed with their symptoms. My goal is to help you find the answers & guide you on a natural health journey back to feeling your best.

I encourage people to feel empowered, not powerless by their health. I want people to know there is always more wellness available to them, no matter how severe their health or symptoms may be. 

When you come to see me in clinic you can expect to get a wealth of information, a listening ear, thorough healthcare, an understanding heart and my best possible recommendations for your health.