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Tuesday: 11.00am-7.00pm

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Storm Sturm (DipNut)



142, The Square 

Palmerston North


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About Functional Naturopathy

Special Interests


Anxiety/Mood Disorders

Hormonal Imbalances

Digestive Complaints


Chronic Fatigue

Skin Conditions

The Clinic 

Storm is the Naturopath & Medical Herbalist for Functional Naturopathy. You can find her splitting her time at  Shed 23 Palmerston North.

As a registered naturopath, Storm utilizes up-to-date scientific research with functional testing to provide safe and effective naturopathic medicine. Her focus is on addressing the underlying causes of your health complaints with nutrition, natural medicine, herbal and homeobotanical remedies, lifestyle modifications and supplementation where appropriate.

With consultations your Naturopath may send you away for conventional blood testing. Otherwise she may collect and send away samples for functional lab testing to assess your hormone and thyroid levels, food and environmental sensitivities, organic acids, parasites, good/bad bacteria in your gut, digestive capacity, absorption of nutrients, vitamin and mineral levels, intestinal permeability, cortisol levels and more.


Storm's Story

I grew up with digestive issues my entire life, which lead to multiple hospitalizations as an infant and ongoing medication throughout my childhood years. These issues stemmed into my teenage and adult life, where I started to notice my health on a rapid decline. Hormonal and nervous system imbalances, skin eruptions, low energy levels and low thyroid function were some of the frustrations in my earlier years. Tired with the lack of answers from allopathic practitioners, I immersed myself into natural and holistic therapies where I finally unrooted the underlying causes for my health problems. Most importantly I also learnt why they happened and how I could fix them.

My own natural health journey inspired me to embark on a 3 year endeavor to become a Naturopath. Through my own practice I have realized just how disconnected we are from our own bodies. I’ve realized that many of us don’t understand our bodies so we feel unempowered to make informed decisions regarding our health and happiness. Too often this leads us to making unintentionally poor choices that create health problems in our own lives.


My goal as a naturopath is to educate and inspire you to recognize what your body is trying to tell, to question and understand what you are putting into your body, to tune into what you really need and to rise up and take control of your health and your life.

I hope that I can help you find the answers you are looking for, and inspire you on your journey to long lasting health and wellness.